Funerals are often said,
To be when people are laid to rest.
An ending to the person’s life,
But that doesn’t feel right.
I have found a funeral to be,
Something more akin to a sea.
A long outstretched emptiness before you,
Another journey to be got through.
But when all is said and done,
And the day has come and gone.
It isn’t the end of the person’s life,
Just the time to say goodbye.
In the weeks and months after,
The person memories linger onwards.
They are not forgotten or no more,
They stay with us for evermore.

My Heart Is An Ocean

My heart is like an ocean,
Deep and everlasting.
It may look shallow on the outside,
But step in and you start drowning.
The barriers around it,
Go to the sky around the garden.
Letting people in,
Usually leads to my drowning.
There are places in my heart,
Even I daren’t go near.
Dark corners, small spaces,
And people living there that shouldn’t be.
Letting go is a struggle,
But keeping you in here is a pain.
Lying to myself that I don’t need you,
Just leads to me messing you.
If you were just a bad habit,
Breaking this would be easy.
But you are a ghost from my past,
A phantom that won’t leave.
My heart is an ocean,
Careful where you swim.


It starts off like a trickle,
A flick of the light,
A trick of the eye,
A bit of the blind,
The it hits like a brick,
Right at the back of the head,
The throbbing,
The light,
The wishing for death,
But after a while,
It all goes away,
The pain subsides,
The brain relaxes,
The main is over,
Next is the mood,
It’s up so high,
It’s down so low,
It’s all over the place,
Not knowing where to go,
And all that is left,
Is feeling drained,
That is my attacks,
Of a migraine.

What Is In A Tear?

What is in a tear,
Are the thoughts you cannot hear,
thoughts that have built up,
year on year.
In a tear,
Is the pain you had to bear,
The pain that you let show,
The pain that you’ve let go.
Don’t keep the tear,
Just let it go,
Learn to let you heart show,
and learn to let your tears set you free.

Another Petal Falls

A rosebush is like a family.
Each home is a rose.
The petals the people.
Just as people pass.
The petals fall.
Eventually the rose is bare.
A home may close.
The flower may wither.
But the rosebush keeps growing.
Each petal is remembered.
Every rose is not forgot.
The rosebush is not lost.
So remember each petal.
And don’t forget each rose.
Watch as the rosebush grows.

Someone To Love

Here I sit in the dark,
Crying every night,
Looking for love,
No one can hear me,
I hurt on my own,
And all that I want,
Is someone to love.


We all know loss,
At some point in life.
Weather its a pet,
Brother or wife.
They all hurt,
In their unique way.
And everyone has,
Something to say.
Life seems unfair,
At least for a moment.
But remember them,
And hold them close.
As if they never went away.

They Will Not Win

We stand together,
Stand as one,
We stand against them,
They have not won,
We will stand strong,
And show them all,
They won’t win,
No not at all.

2016 Christmas Countdown 8 : Snow Globe

Shake that snow globe,
Give it a wish,
Let old saint nick,
Know what’s on your list,
Don’t miss that mistletoe,
Come on give me a kiss,
You never know,
You could be my wish.

Clinical World

Click Click,
The clinical breathing,
Beep beep,
The clinical beating,
And there you lie,
Near defeated and broken,
In your clinical world.
But we are here,
Around you,
You see,
The fights not over,
Not for you,
Not for me,
Just you breath.
Each gasp is a battle,
Each one you are winning,
Breath and get better,
Wait and keep breathing,
Although things are tough,
Just think of us,
As we will you.