In the summer of 2012 a poetry blog was born, Creatively Become Indifferent. This was supposed to be a short term way for the creator to share some silly poems. Now, after the success of the blog it is time to make it a little more serious, that is to say build it again from scratch. With a whole new name William Fraser (pen name Billy Fraser) has moved his poetry to a whole new blog.

Pesky Poetry came into existence after a quick flash of inspiration. The name is more appealing and easier to roll off the tongue than Creatively Become Indifferent. So, now, in early summer 2016, a new place to share poems and hopefully inspire more people to write poetry has been born.

There is of course a backstory to the whole blog and it can be found on the page titled The Raven Behind the Writing Desk. This page outlines a little about the author and gives the main motives and reasons for setting up Creatively Become Indifferent and then subsequently PeskyPoetry.

Poems will be published twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) at 12PM UTC. But check back often as sometimes I may publish things for special occasions. Also, look out for my daily poems for the Christmas countdown.
Sadly, although I attempted to follow the original two poems a week plan my inspiration did not follow the same plan. As such I just post when something comes to mind.

Enjoy the poetry. And don’t forget to like your favorite poems and subscribe to the blog.

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