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Summer Treat

Summer often brings a treat,
Shirtless men walk down the street,
You can see the in the park,
Or running past the parked cars.
A stunning sight for your eyes,
Rippling abs and thick thighs,
Bulging arms and puckering pecs,
With a little drop of sweat.
If they notice you trying not to stare,
A nod or wave let’s them know you are there,
A smile back makes it sweet,
That makes my day out on the street.

It’s Alive

I’m excited to announce the release of my next book

MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet

With old favourites from 2012 to 2020, previously unpublished poems and newly written poems for this book. The MelonCollie has been bright to life by the amazing penmanship of Mathew J Hill of The Caterpillar Shivered

MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet

You can pick up a copy from the following places

Lulu (Paperback)

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Amazon (Hardback)

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Family conjures images,
Of unbreakable bonds,
And loves that don’t fade.
Family is supposed to represent,
A connection so raw,
It never frays or ends.
Family is the act of helping,
When you know,
Things are helpless.
Family is about family,
And putting them first,
Before your own cares.
Family is all of these things,
And none of these things,
And only works while you care.

2.6 Thank You

Today I got a certificate through the post from Blood Cancer UK for completing the 2.6 Challenge.

I would like to thank all of you who donated or supported me in this challenge. Your donations have gone to an amazing cause.

You can see the poems from the Challenge below

Two Point Six Challenge Poems

2.6 Finishing Line

I’ve done it,I’ve crossed it,My finishing line,26 Poems are written,Each a new line,The clock has been counting,And down went the time,26 Poems were written,In 2.6 hours of time.***Thank you for reading,My London Marathon,Please think of giving,To those in need. Please consider donating here

2.5 Finishing Straight

That’s it,I’m on the home straight,My last leg,The Mall if you will.***Although I’m not panting,Or have a strain on my knees,My brain is lagging,And my thoughts are on cheese.***I am not athletic,If I run I would wheeze,But I can also say,These poems were not a breeze. Please consider donating here

2.4 Last Ditch Plea

My time is almost up,And there isn’t much left to say,Thank you for running,My marathon with me.Before I close off,With the final two poems,Please let me take,Two moments of your time.There is a lot you can do,This fight needs you,Don’t be a covidiot,Don’t believe what’s not true.We need to do this together,Shoulder to shoulder,And remember […]

2.3 Global Pandemic, Local Solutions

To some world leaders,This is a competition,A global pandemic,Being treated with local solutions.***If this was a cancer,It would be like,Treating the source cells,And ignoring the spread site.***Or in another way,If this was root rot,It would be cutting the roots,And forgetting the top.***We have a global pandemic,With world leaders acting alone,What does that say,For the solutions […]

2.2 Exercise

Never has a walk,Sounded so exciting,As when you can call it,Government Sanctioned Exercise.***It sounds like a task,Something you must do,For queen and country,And government too.***So I take my leave,And bid you adieu,My time has come,To go walking for you. Please consider donating here


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Something Exciting Is Coming

Some of you will remember the last time I did some collaborative work with Matthew Hill of The Caterpillar Shivered … Well we have been at it again. There is some exciting news coming. Stay tuned…

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Now I’m 28 Years Old

When I was a kid,
My granda told me stories,
My life was exciting,
And everyone seemed old.
When I went to school,
I thought I knew it all,
The world taught me,
How easy it is to fall.
Then I went to uni,
Told to pick my life,
And told what I chose,
Would define me.
Now I’m 28 years old,
My career has begun,
My life is ahead of me,
And a lot of it is already done.
Soon I’ll be 30 years old,
I’ll question everything I’ve been told,
All those who got old,
Are gone and left me alone.
At some point I’ll be 67,
And life will start again,
Enter a new stage,
Of retirement and the countdown.
Some day I’ll be 80 years old,
My dreams will be cold,
My body will be heavy,
And my life will be done.
I’m currently 28 years old,
My life has just begun,
My path is unshaped,
And my plans are not done.

How Has It Come To This

How has it come to this,
Weapons sharpened,
Heartbeats are missed,
Anger in full flow,
Only seeing the red mist.
Battle lines drawn,
First blood all but gone,
A family shattered,
A loved one gone,
Although he lives on.
You were a great friend,
Someone on which I could depend,
A sane voice to give,
A balanced opinion to lend,
But now you just want it to end.
What has happened,
Why has it come to this,
Can’t we just sit down,
Or is this it for us,
A situation that can’t be fixed.

My Brain Is F@#ked Up

My brain is fucked up,
By stress, anxiety, it’s a mess,
Family falling apart,
Money causing strife.
Sleep seems distant to me,
But thoughts just circle,
Round the drain,
That is my mind.
If there was a wishing well,
I’d go back to when I was young,
And tell me it doesn’t end well.
The things that were certain,
Are dissolving around me,
The rocks of my life,
Are fading away like dist.
Twink twinkle night dark,
Please take me to sleep,
Where the dreams are sweet,
Beneath these sheets.
No wishing or pleading,
With the universe or god,
Is going to fix,
The bridges that have been burned.
I could write a thousand verses,
But I think this can only get worse,
Choices have been made,
And they cannot be reversed.
Maybe one day I’ll understand why,
Such pain had to be caused,
And he made the decisions he did,
But for now there is just what there is.
You can give all you can,
To offer family a helping hand,
But if they won’t take that help,
You have done all you can.
They say blood is thicker than water,
And I know family should be stronger,
But when a member no longer wants to,
A family begins to falter.
I’ve cried my tears,
Looked at the plans,
Laid out my fears,
While my heart cares.
But all I want to do,
Is run away,
And imagine you are still there.

New Book On The Way

Sorry for the relative silence everyone. Sadly I have had a close family bereavement lately which has put a pause to writing but I can now confirm my next book is on it’s way.

With over 45 completely new poems and some of my old favourites the new book has been titled and is just awaiting the OK from a couple of editors.

Keep an eye out and stay tuned… Also, feel free to reach out and let me know if you are interested in reviewing a copy for me.

The headline image is just a teaser from the book.

The Pesky Poet


There is a darkness around me,
One that is not ready to fade,
It envelopes me,
And makes me feel life is not worth it.
Life has been tough,
And it seems to get tougher every day.
I’ve lost loved ones,
And find it hard to keep smiling.
It is described as a darkness,
Because it is hard to see,
More than a day ahead at a time,
And the darker the less you can see.
But I won’t let the darkness win,
I’ll use my other senses,
To get where I’m going,
To where it is light again.

Here’s To What We Had

Here’s to the times together,
The nights I’ll never forget,
And the hours, I think well spent,
Here’s to the memories,
The hugs and the cuddles,
All will be sadly missed,
Here’s to the hours I cried,
The nights after we said our goodbyes,
And the tubs of ice cream that drowned the pain.
But mostly here’s to the lessons I learned,
Of love and pain,
And to being saved from what could have been.

God Gave You To Us

God gave you to us,
As a source of love,
To teach us his wisdom,
And teach us how to live.
He left you here,
As long as he could,
Before he needed you,
Back with him.

Another Petal Falls

A rosebush is like a family.
Each home is a rose.
The petals are the people.
Just as people pass.
The petals fall.
Eventually the rose is bare.
A home may close.
The flower may wither.
But the rosebush keeps growing.
Each petal is remembered.
Every rose is not forgot.
The rosebush is not lost.
So remember each petal.
And don’t forget each rose.
Watch as the rosebush grows.

You’ve Gone Home

The show is done,
The curtain has fallen,
You’ve taken you bow,
And said your goodbye.
The show is over,
No encore to give,
You’ve said you piece,
And left us all to live.
It still hasn’t sunk in,
No repeats like on TV,
I won’t see you again,
Not until my end.
We’re left with our memories,
With the lifetime of advice,
With the wisdom of your world,
With the imprint of your life.

God Gave You Wings

God too you too soon,
Some might say,
You were here all my life,
And one day you were taken away.
But I smile because,
Although God took you home,
I know when he greeted,
He gave you wings to fly.
You were my hero,
A man with the knowledge,
The source of my wisdom,
Someone I could turn to.
Now when I hear the gulls,
Or see the west coast sky,
I’ll know you are there,
Soaring amongst the clouds.
God gave you to the earth,
His gift to everyone in your life,
And each day from now,
I will be thankful to him and to you.
I know I have to say goodbye,
But this isn’t the end,
It was just your time,
And I will see you again.

Here’s To The Good And The Bad

Here’s to the days, weeks and months,
To the times we’ve laughed, cried and smiled,
For everything we shared together,
Here’s to the future we will have,
Apart but together forever.
So, here’s to the good,
And the bad,
But at least it’s something we had.

NSFW Got That Feeling

As with the last time I wrote something that should not be read by people of a sensitive disposition and definitely should not be read by anyone under the age of 18 and or homophobic people or people against homosexuality for any other reason. This is strictly a fictional piece of erotic poetry and will probably be the last I do of them. I hope you have enjoyed my little experiment/ test of my abilities and will continue to read on my usual poetry.

Ever catch the eyes of someone?
And both nod as one,
Realise instantly what you both want,
But have you ever acted on it?
Grabbed the man,
Pulled his shirt off and kissed his chest,
Placed your hand between his legs,
And fell what is there,
Then slide your hand down his jeans,
Pull off his belt and nice and slow,
Give him time to grow,
Then let his jeans hang on what is down below,
Embrace him and kiss him,
While you wait for his jeans to fall,
Showing his boxers over his big throbbing cock,
Grab his dick through his boxers,
And rub it a little,
Then wipe of the precum and head to the pillow,
Lie him on his back,
Remove his boxers,
Move down his body,
Lick the shaft up and down,
Take the head all the way in,
Tilt your head back and cup his balls,
With your cock throbbing, grab his legs,
Push them apart,
Align with his ass and get ready to start.
Whisper sweet something in his ear,
Then listen to him moan as he gets near,
And let him feel the joys of you being in him.

NSFW: Glorious Night (Erotic)

I caution you before you read this. This poem does contain smut and poetry of a nature not suited to children or teenagers. It is what could be considered gay porn poetry so please don’t read if it will offend you or you do not like this kind of material.

My head was swimming,
I could feel him breathing.
My heart was racing,
I could feel him tracing,
All the lines of my back,
All the crinkles in my shirt,
He pulled me in,
And with a grin,
Ran his tongue along my chin,
He whispered gently,
To ask if I am ready,
But as my reply,
I kissed him.
His hands warm upon my back,
Pulled the shirt off,
The buttons ping to the floor,
But I didn’t care anymore,
I felt his hand upon my jeans,
As his tongue filled my mouth,
He pulled me closer onto the bead,
And rested his arms behind my head.
Slowly he kissed down my body,
Removing buttons on my jeans,
One by one I felt it throbbing,
Waiting to break free,
I stopped him and pulled him back,
For one more kissing match,
As I took control and pulled off his shirt,
To see what is underneath,
I flt his chest in my hands,
His muscly abs against mine,
As we slowly started rocking together,
He started moaning to me,
I ran my fingers through his hair,
He just sat and stared,
The love in his eyes,
Shawn like the sun in the sky,
As he started to remove my underwear
I felt mine ping with relief,
It was still throbbing,
He moved himself down my body,
And begun to lick me,
My feet curled with excitement,
As the licking turned to sucking,
I felt my body scream with delight,
Just before I came he stopped and let me calm.
I grabbed his head and pulled him up,
Kissed him as I squeezed his ass,
Sliding both his jeans and boxers off,
At the same time,
He bit his lip and looked at me,
I knew what this could mean,
I moved down his body kissing all the way,
Before stopping above is cock,
He groaned as I began to lick,
From head to shaft I made him squirm,
I could feel him precum,
But I didn’t stop instead took him all in,
He pulled me off to stop himself cumming,
And asked if I wanted him inside me,
Of course I did but I just kissed him again,
He pushed me onto my back and moved in,
First he teased with his throbbing cock,
Making it feel like he was in when he was not,
Then in one swift move of painful delight,
He pushed in and made my night.
With each move we were both close to coming,
Both moaning with endless delight,
Feeling each other close together,
Getting closer and closer,
Then he slowed and begun to thrust hard,
Bringing me close to the precipice,
When with one quick movement,
And one hard thrust,
We came to together,
On what was a glorious night.

To the Future

The heart if a fragile thing,
And choosing someone is not trivial,
So spend your days looking,
And don’t relent the search,
You will find some amazing people,
You will also find the jerks,
But keep in mind the future,
Where you will be with your dual-flame,
And smile at your past,
Because you will never be there again,
Take all the hurt,
And all the pain,
And just remember,
Tomorrow you can try again.

No Other Like You

Did you cast a spell,
After all you have trapped my heart,
Validation for this can be seen,
In this poem I have written,
Dope I am I have fallen in love,
Well all I can do is try,
I promise that I will,
Let you finally be the one,
So I can stop my searching,
Only one for me,
No other like you.

Let Him Go

I should let him go rejoin the flock,
As a caged bird is never happy,
And something with such beauty,
Should never be caged.
So I say this last farewell,
and open the door,
To let him go,
But I still stand in the way.
For the fear of the pain,
Prevents me letting go,
“It will only hurt for a while,”
Or so I am told.

A Message To My Fathers

At first I blamed myself,
My best wasn’t good enough,
The distance continued to grow,
I tried to impress,
But you just forget,
And now I’ve grown up,
I have cried all my tears,
And cried for so many years,
I continued to try and impress him,
And still he wouldn’t listen.

My Wings

I may seem strong,
But look beneath this facade,
And you will see the real me.
I carry all my years,
I’ve hidden all my tears,
And I will tell you if you want to hear.
Even after all this time,
I forgive all the pain,
And I gave up all my fears.
These wings on my back,
hide the scars of my life,
And give me protection for my life to come.

Love Poems as a word cloud.

To Someone I Love

[REDACTED] [REDACTED] I don’t know what else to do,
Recently I learned something new,
I learned you make my morning sky blue,
I learned you make my heart feel new,
With every moment I spend with you,
[REDACTED] [REDACTED], I love you.

The Battle of the Tide

What is that I can see,
The monster that is the sea,
Trying to claim the land,
Crashing down on the sand,
During the daily battle,
Where for half the day the sea is winning,
And the other half the sand.