Another Petal Falls

A rosebush is like a family.
Each home is a rose.
The petals the people.
Just as people pass.
The petals fall.
Eventually the rose is bare.
A home may close.
The flower may wither.
But the rosebush keeps growing.
Each petal is remembered.
Every rose is not forgot.
The rosebush is not lost.
So remember each petal.
And don’t forget each rose.
Watch as the rosebush grows.


They Will Not Win

We stand together,
Stand as one,
We stand against them,
They have not won,
We will stand strong,
And show them all,
They won’t win,
No not at all.


Is not just a useless word,
It has endless meaning,
Is not an actless sentiment,
It keeps us breathing.
We all live in hope,
To live in freedom,
When freedom is taken for granted,
Hope is ignored,
And one by one,
People become,
Mindless hordes,
Living for tomorrow,
Saving for today,
Having nothing to their name.
Is not just a useless word,
It gives the world meaning,
Is a binding force,
That keeps hearts beating.
We all live in hope,
To find true love,
Which shows our blindness,
Love not just your partner,
With true love,
Love your neighbour,
Your father,
Your fellow humans,
With the same love,
And the world will be,
As it should.

*2016 National Poetry Society Annual Competition Entry

One Last Goodbye

Friends come and go,
don’t I know,
But there comes a friend,
It hurts most to let go.
Still you know,
that they must go,
but this won’t stop the pain,
oh no.
Just yesterday you were part of me,
Now today you depart from me.
Only time will ever let me see,
If we will meet again.

But you have now,
Come and gone,
and this has hurt me so.
Goodbye dear friend,
But before you go,
there is one last thing you should know.

My years with you were not wasted.
And I know these tears are not been wasted.
Lets pray in time this pain will heal,
The pain of seeing you go.

So now I say
one last goodbye
Auf Wiedersehen
Old friend,

Message to My Fathers

At first I blamed myself,
My best wasn’t good enough,
The distance continued to grow,
I tried to impress,
But you just forget,
And now I’ve grown up,
I have cried all my tears,
And cried for so many years,
I continued to try and impress him,
And still he wouldn’t listen.


There is something,
Heavy and dark,
It is highly populated,
Yet not understood,
Busy but silent,
Noisy but mute,
You scream like the others,
But nobody looks,
Nobody notices,
It feels like nobody cares,
This is the cloudiness,
That never fails.
But don’t listen to it,
I have been there with you,
Suffered the same,
And known the shame,
People are here,
Willing to listen,
Willing to notice,
If you only let them,
It won’t win,
When you have people behind you,
So if you need an ear,
Just shout me near,
And I will help you,
Any way I can.

Tell Me It’s Fair

Who is next,
Who is safe,
After Sandy Hook,
How many more,
This should have been stoppable,
Before it hit a Gay club door,
And not through education,
Not through discrimination,
Through the simple act,
Of gun control.
Why should a man have the right,
To by a weapon used in war,
Why is it his right to carry it,
And remind people of its fatal click,
The constitution gives freedoms,
Which people have used,
To take other’s away,
Is that right.
Gay, Straight Bi,
Adults, Children,
Parents, Kids,
How many more have to die,
Before people can sleep at night,
Knowing their loved ones are safe.
America is making a grave mistake,
Protecting the rights of the killers,
And not those of the killed,
The second amendment speaks,
Of security of the state,
So why not secure the state,
By ensuring regulated access,
I ask again,
How many more?
If an attack comes knocking,
On your door,
Will you just say,
This is the way,
And accept that nothing more,
Could be done?
Or will you regret,
In that last second,
That you hadn’t pushed for
Simple gun control.
Tonight when you kiss your kids,
Think about losing them,
If some went around shooting them,
Then tell me it’s fair,
Not to withhold,
Guns from people,
Who should never own them,
Tell me it’s fair,
To protect a right,
A right so cruelly used,
To take a life,
Tell me it’s fair,
I dare you.