About The PeskyPoet

This page used to be called “The Raven Behind The Writing Desk” but as that artistic mantra has fallen stale it was best to rename it to something more sensible. Here you will find more about the Pesky Poet(™) or PeskyPoet(™).

Who Is The Pesky Poet?
PeskyPoet is the Trademark and pen name of a scottish born writer. Although his name can be discovered quite easily, he chooses not to publish it here.

Where Did The Pesky Poet Come From?
If you mean the name PeskyPoet then it came from the site name PeskyPoetry and you can see that history in the About PeskyPoetry page.

As for the PeskyPoet himself… He was born in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Lived a varied life between farms and cities. Then settled in the flatlands of the East Coast of Scotland.

What Motivated The Pesky Poet?
In the beginning of writing, the motivation was a dyslexia identification. While at academy he had phrases attached to him such as “Just a little slow” and “Not able to read as quick as the others” but the school decided to state that it definitely was not dyslexia. Then, upon joining university, tests were done and confirmed a discovery of dyslexia. That is when the PeskyPoet was told that: dyslexic people do not write and there was no chance of being a writer.

After a little self loathing the PeskyPoet started his first project in the form of a group sci-fi novel, before taking up online poetry. Since then the drive to prove that dyslexia is not a diagnoses and some kind of terminal illness has been the main motivation to keep writing.

What Inspiration Does The Pesky Poet Use?
Many inspirations are used in the writing of poetry. From the finding and losing of love to the loss of family members, and of course the Christmas period. But importantly, all the poetry is written by the PeskyPoet and from the PeskyPoet’s own mind.

Do You Have A Question?
Feel free to contact me via the contact page. Genuine questions will usually be answered within 24 hours.