What I Would Give

You could recite python,
Without missing a beat,
Make me smile,
From cheek to cheek,
Put me in stitches,
For over a week,
And say you love me,
As big as the street,
Now what I would give,
To hear goodnight one last time.

You could make eggs,
With a runny yoke,
Find the right time,
To tell the perfect joke,
Tried to fix things,
Or just give them a poke,
And say I love you,
As big as you know,
Now what I would give,
To say goodnight one last time.

Clinical World

Click Click,
The clinical breathing,
Beep beep,
The clinical beating,
And there you lie,
Near defeated and broken,
In your clinical world.
But we are here,
Around you,
You see,
The fights not over,
Not for you,
Not for me,
Just you breath.
Each gasp is a battle,
Each one you are winning,
Breath and get better,
Wait and keep breathing,
Although things are tough,
Just think of us,
As we will you.