Ode to Daylights Savings

There is something very human,
About daylight savings,
Aligning the summer months,
To make the most of the sun.
Each country with it’s own rules,
No countries can agree,
When to set the clocks,
An action that has no effect,
On the nature around us.
The only unifying thing,
Is the lack of unity,
And the mass confusion,
That seems to happen.
The UK rule is simple,
When someone explains it,
The morning of the last Sunday,
Of March and October,
Spring forward,
Fall back.
Except for that time,
When the UK did GMT+2
British Double Summer Time,
A war time for wartime.
Whatever time you call it,
Based on your clocks,
Wherever on this globe,
You call your home,
Whenever you want to call it.

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