The Mind is A Garden

A child’s mind is a garden,
Where no plant is a weed,
All seeds are important,
And all things are equal.
Life acts as a filter,
Fertiliser on some flowers,
And weedkiller on some other,
Shaping the child’s mind into a garden.
A teenagers mind is a garden,
Where plants have been labelled,
As either a weed or wanted,
Things start taking shape.
Life acts as a gardener,
Events decide what to prune,
And which plants to focus on,
Shaping the teenagers mind into a garden.
An adult’s mind is a garden,
Not as cluttered as a child’s
More confusing to navigate,
Where the flowerbeds are set.
Thoughts have been carved,
Like flowerbeds beside a path,
Where weeds are not allowed,
Making the adult mind a boring garden.

©The Pesky Poet

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