Christmas Countdown 2020: 11. Santa Visiting

The image of Santa rushing across the skies,
Lead by his nine favourites stars,
The flying four legged friends,
Pulling his sled from house to house.
We all know Dasher,
Named for his speed,
A race reindeer made to move,
Sprinting from tree to tree.
Then there’s Dancer,
Majestic and elegant,
Just wanting to dance,
And let his moves shine.
Dancer’s twin Prancer,
Is just as elegant,
And he knows it,
Keeping his antlers polished.
Vixen is next on the rope,
The distraction to the males,
She adds the touch of class,
To the riding group.
We then have Comet,
He’s stubbornly loyal,
Named for the giant rock,
That landed when he was born.
Then there is cupid the romancer,
Born on Valentine’s day,
He’s a natural match maker,
But with no success for himself.
Donder also known as Donner,
She stands for thunder,
Married to Blitzen,
She is mother to the group.
Father Blitzen the brave,
Name stands for lighting,
Never known to back down,
He stands his ground.
Lastly there’s Rudolph,
The baby of the group,
With his shiny red nose,
And his inexperienced hoofs.
When they ride as one,
You know that Santa has come,
His sled pulled by the best,
With majesty and the power.

©The Pesky Poet

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