Christmas Countdown 2020: 11. Acrostic Reindeer

Dasher the faster,
Always ahead,
Speed is his strength,
High in the sky,
Every reindeer,
Rides as one.
Dancer the star,
A stunning mover,
Never misses a,
Cha cha or waltz,
Even the day,
Right after Christmas.
Prancer, Dancer’s twin brother,
Reindeer of majesty,
A sight of beauty,
Never a bad hair day,
Clearly blessed,
Excellently presented,
Rich in personality.
Vixen the most beautiful,
Immaculate looks,
Xena warier of the reindeer,
Elegant when flying,
Not a sign of stress.
Comet the loyal,
Of course named,
Mostly because of the rock,
Entering the atmosphere,
The exact time he was born.
Cupid the match-maker,
Unfortunately for him,
Picking his own match,
Is something that,
Doesn’t come easy.
Donder the mother,
Of all the raider,
Name sometimes spelled,
Donner the thunder,
Each Christmas she,
Reigns her children in.
Blitzen the father,
Loves his wife he,
Is married to Donder,
Thunder and and Lightning,
Zappy together,
Enduring love,
No storm together.
Rudolph the red nose,
Unusual in his beacon,
Donder’s last born,
Openly celebrated for,
Legendary heroics in 1939,
Pulling the sled in a storm,
He got every present delivered on time.

©The Pesky Poet

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