World AIDS Day 2020

As we end the year,
With a world health scare,
We should not forget,
What is still out there.
It is as important now,
As it was last year,
To remember why,
It’s the red ribbon we wear.
We have seen what can happen,
When a virus is allowed to run rampant,
This should be a lesson to us all,
Of the power of something so small.
So today I will wear my ribbon,
Not just for those with HIV,
But more symbolic of other viruses,
That have killed people in swaths.
We should learn from this year,
In the hopes to avoid it again,
To prevent unneeded deaths,
To the silence of a virus.
The important message of today,
Let’s end the stigma of AIDS,
Help push for HIV eradication,
And help by improving education.

©The Pesky Poet

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