2.0 Covidiot

Speaking of new words,
One of my favourite,
Has got to be Covidiot.
Someone so nebulous,
Or arrogant or deranged,
Somehow thinks,
Nothing has changed.
Or the worst culprits,
The ones in the masks,
Arm length gloves,
That happily barge past.
These idiots are topped,
By only the best,
Someone so stupid,
They’d go and suggest…
The injection of cleaners,
Or use of UV light,
Without the knowledge,
Or the foresight.
A Covidiot of Covidiots,
The cream of the crop,
The orange one,
With the unkempt mop.

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3 thoughts on “2.0 Covidiot

  1. His dedicated followers will never see it. They love him because he validates their prejudices and their need to blame others for the problems of this country. What they refuse to realize is that he does not care what happens to them as long as he and his family can fill their pockets. His zombies will stumble in to vote for him no matter what.

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    1. I don’t have a horse in that race as I don’t live in the US…

      I was listening to the live briefing when he mentioned the cleaning products and I don’t think I’ve looked up from my laptop as quick in my life. And then to cover it up as a “sarcastic question” just hurt more. I hope people can see through his “charm” and see how much of an idiot he is.


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