The Bright Times

For each ying,
There is a yang
For each ping,
There is a pong,
For each wrong,
There is a right,
For each day,
There is a night,
For each hard,
There is a slight,
For each dark,
There is a light.

The Dark Times

Times became bleak,
And hope looked lost,
For some its worrying,
Because of the cost.
A darkening fell,
All over the world,
With panic and fear,
Words that are hurled.
These times are dark,
With no end in sight,
Just keep your mind,
Focused on the light.

Hip Hip Hooray to Valentines Day

So here we come to Valentines Day,
Hip hip hooray,
Callooh! Callay.
Share your love with that lucky person,
Keep them close,
And always listen.
Never forget who loves you most,
Who will be there,
For the rest of your life.
And if you haven’t found them yet,
Do not fret,
The could be closer than you think.

Valentines Kiss

Can I give a Valentines Hug,
And make you as snug as a bug,
When you feel down,
Just think of me,
And I will make you warm inside.
Can I give you a Valentine Kiss,
So tonight I’ll be the one you miss,
When you close your eyes,
To go to sleep,
Let it be me that stands in your dreams.
Can I wish you a Happy Valentines Day,
Unlike every Valentines Day before,
Let us spend the night together,
Let us just sleep,
And forever be in each others arms.

Valentines With You

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Please let me spend,
Valentines day with you.

Fruit Rhyme 10 – Pineapple (ALT)

Pineapples are golden,
But they are not a fruit,
From the Bromeliaceae Family,
They are in-fact many fruit.
Your many berries,
Have many uses,
From hats to salads,
And even to juices.
I love a pineapple,
With my boyfriend,
Especially before,
A fun weekend…

Fruit Rhyme 3: Banana (ALT)

Oh what such a fruit,
Grows on a herb,
Enjoyed with cereal,
Or even on its own,
Sometimes Straight,
But quite often curved,
Let up give a cheer,
For this amazing fruit,
That grows on a herb.