It’s Alive

I’m excited to announce the release of my next book

MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet

With old favourites from 2012 to 2020, previously unpublished poems and newly written poems for this book. The MelonCollie has been bright to life by the amazing penmanship of Mathew J Hill of The Caterpillar Shivered

MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet

You can pick up a copy from the following places

Lulu (Paperback)

Lulu (Hardback)

Amazon (Paperback)

Amazon (Hardback)

Also, check out some of the merchandise available at SpreadShirt and here

New Book On The Way

Sorry for the relative silence everyone. Sadly I have had a close family bereavement lately which has put a pause to writing but I can now confirm my next book is on it’s way.

With over 45 completely new poems and some of my old favourites the new book has been titled and is just awaiting the OK from a couple of editors.

Keep an eye out and stay tuned… Also, feel free to reach out and let me know if you are interested in reviewing a copy for me.

The headline image is just a teaser from the book.

The Pesky Poet

This Poem Just for You

This poem’s just for you,
As I don’t know what else to do,
I have tried talking,
But I just can’t say,
What I want to.
So here is my heart,
Written as art,
All across this page,
As a small snippet,
It’s just a start.
For I know what I need to do,
I know what I need to tell you,
But in a poem it’s easier,
And still just as true,
I am in love with you.

Oddity Of Love

Is it not strange,
How we focus on an organ,
At the centre of the body.
The pump of life,
As the control of love,
At the centre of our life.
How we say,
Each beat for each other,
And our heart in another’s hands.

2.6 Finishing Line

I’ve done it,
I’ve crossed it,
My finishing line,
26 Poems are written,
Each a new line,
The clock has been counting,
And down went the time,
26 Poems were written,
In 2.6 hours of time.
Thank you for reading,
My London Marathon,
Please think of giving,
To those in need.

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2.5 Finishing Straight

That’s it,
I’m on the home straight,
My last leg,
The Mall if you will.
Although I’m not panting,
Or have a strain on my knees,
My brain is lagging,
And my thoughts are on cheese.
I am not athletic,
If I run I would wheeze,
But I can also say,
These poems were not a breeze.

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2.4 Last Ditch Plea

My time is almost up,
And there isn’t much left to say,
Thank you for running,
My marathon with me.
Before I close off,
With the final two poems,
Please let me take,
Two moments of your time.
There is a lot you can do,
This fight needs you,
Don’t be a covidiot,
Don’t believe what’s not true.
We need to do this together,
Shoulder to shoulder,
And remember the mantra,
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives.

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2.3 Global Pandemic, Local Solutions

To some world leaders,
This is a competition,
A global pandemic,
Being treated with local solutions.
If this was a cancer,
It would be like,
Treating the source cells,
And ignoring the spread site.
Or in another way,
If this was root rot,
It would be cutting the roots,
And forgetting the top.
We have a global pandemic,
With world leaders acting alone,
What does that say,
For the solutions going on?

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2.2 Exercise

Never has a walk,
Sounded so exciting,
As when you can call it,
Government Sanctioned Exercise.
It sounds like a task,
Something you must do,
For queen and country,
And government too.
So I take my leave,
And bid you adieu,
My time has come,
To go walking for you.

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2.1 What Day Is It?

Ever feel the weeks are becoming one?
Five work days followed by two off days,
But you can never remember which you are on.
Today was a work day of that I am sure,
But what type of day could tomorrow be,
Another work day that I must endure?
Living for the weekend has lost its meaning,
I am now living for the two off days,
That sit somewhere in between eating and sleeping.

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2.0 Covidiot

Speaking of new words,
One of my favourite,
Has got to be Covidiot.
Someone so nebulous,
Or arrogant or deranged,
Somehow thinks,
Nothing has changed.
Or the worst culprits,
The ones in the masks,
Arm length gloves,
That happily barge past.
These idiots are topped,
By only the best,
Someone so stupid,
They’d go and suggest…
The injection of cleaners,
Or use of UV light,
Without the knowledge,
Or the foresight.
A Covidiot of Covidiots,
The cream of the crop,
The orange one,
With the unkempt mop.

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1.9 Language Of The Pandemic

Language is fun,
Ever changing and evolving.
New words are born,
In the nebulous of the mind.
Major events,
Lead to the biggest births.
We’ve seen Covid-19 and Covidiot,
With an uptick in WFH, PPE and Infodemic.

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1.8 The Dog’s Getting Bored

Another walk? Really?
Please give it a rest,
All I want,
Is to sleep in my bed.
To dream of fetching,
Without all the running,
And to snore loudly,
Throughout your meeting.
I was walked by the boy,
And now it’s the father,
Next will be the mum,
I can’t go any further.
When will my humans,
Go back to being out all day,
So I can sleep,
And let the day while away.

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1.7 The Fallen Soldier

This war has fallen soldiers,
Heros to all,
Who gave their best,
And lead to their fall.
There are no words,
That I can say,
To take that pain,
And spirit it away.
But a thank you to them,
For all that they gave,
To keep me safe,
And for all that they saved.

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1.6 To Captain Tom

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
A man like you shows never to quit.
You are an inspiration for many around,
You have done the whole country very proud,
And Happy Birthday when it comes,
Thank you for your inspiration Captain Tom.

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1.5 All Hail The NHS

To those people,
In the NHS,
We have a debt,
We should not forget,
To the porters,
The nurses,
And doctors and more,
Every Thursday I’ll clap for you from my door.

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1.4 A Night At The Movies

Can you believe the prices,
Of a night at the movies,
Got my popcorn for pennies,
The ticket was free,
I have Netflix to thank,
For this movie,
The audience is quiet,
No one to shush,
And best of all,
I get to choose where I put my tush.

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1.3 Half Way Marker

And he’s round the corner,
The start of the end,
The end of the middle,
The stamina is good,
The pace not so well,
Will he make it to the end,
It’s too soon to tell.

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1.2 Date Night In

It all starts,
With a knock at the door,
Sir and Madam,
Have you eaten here before?
Why yes I have,
Several times and more.
Great to hear,
You’ll know the score.
There are loads in,
We’ve just been to the store.
Can I interest you in,
Something to pour?
Why yes you can,
The bottle openers in the drawer,
What I want to know,
How did this waiter get in my door?

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1.1 Not Going Out

I’m staying in,
No matter what.
I’ll play my part,
Whatever cost.
I’ll sit with a book,
And maybe a tea.
Play a little game,
Maybe two or three.
I can polish the ornaments,
And paint the doors.
Get some time,
Doing the chores.
But whatever I do,
One things true.
I’m not going out,
And so shouldn’t you.

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1.0 Gift From An Employer

I awoke on Saturday,
To a nice surprise,
A little envelope,
With something inside,
A thank you note,
From the boss,
And a little something,
That brought a smile.

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0.9 Where’s All The Loo Roll Gone

List made,
Mind set,
Time to go,
It’s shopping day.
Milk? check,
Cereal? yes,
Household next,
Wait a minute.
Bleach? got,
Pet shop,
Soap? why not?
What’ve I forgot?
Loo roll,
No go,
Aisle clear,
Nothing here.
Oh no,
Oh ho,
Where’s all,
The Loo Roll Gone?

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0.8 Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives,
Feels like a mantra each night.
That man at the box,
Tells us to stop,
And stay at home to save lives.
We can each do our part,
By staying apart,
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives!

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0.7 Remember The Lost

There are those tonight,
Who have lost the fight,
The enemy has won,
And they are now gone.
Light a candle,
And remember the fallen,
They may not be here,
But let their memories go on.
In thought, a wish or prayer,
Keep them in your heart,
And hold them always there.

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0.6 To The Fighting Soldiers

The language of war,
Has often been used,
To describe the world,
Throughout the news.
But this is a war,
That has no camo,
The soldiers wear gowns,
And carry masks not ammo.
Here’s to the soldiers,
In this unconventional war,
Thank you for your bravery,
We couldn’t ask you for more.

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