We Solute You

You are risking your life,
With no benefit to yourself,
With no additional pay,
And no additional recognition.
But day by day you do,
What you have to,
To help those in need,
While we are asked,
To stay off the streets.
We have it easy,
In these times,
While you work hard,
We rest on the sidelines.
Tonight we will stand,
On the doorsteps of the land,
Clapping hard from John o’ Groats,
Right to Land’s End

Thank you for all that you do.

Loo Roll

How many poops,
Are you going to have to do,
Or all the other visits,
To the bathroom,
To use all that paper,
You stock pilled,
While thinking about yourself,
And no-one else,
How many visits,
To your overstocked loo,
Will you have to do,
To clear that conscience,
A stain that even tissue paper,
Cannot wipe away.

Crazy Times!

These are crazy times,
Times beyond belief,
Some will be feeling fear,
Some sadly feeling greife,
And then there are those,
Selfish few,
Who think about no-one else,
Those who clear the shelves,
And seed panic among the rest,
Please get a sense of reality,
Habits…stock piling.. stupidity!

The Bright Times

For each ying,
There is a yang
For each ping,
There is a pong,
For each wrong,
There is a right,
For each day,
There is a night,
For each hard,
There is a slight,
For each dark,
There is a light.

The Dark Times

Times became bleak,
And hope looked lost,
For some its worrying,
Because of the cost.
A darkening fell,
All over the world,
With panic and fear,
Words that are hurled.
These times are dark,
With no end in sight,
Just keep your mind,
Focused on the light.