Brexit Stock Image. Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

Brexit: It Is Done

This historic moment went past,
Not with a bang or fanfare,
Not with grieving or pain,
But silently as the second had,
Met the hour hand again.
As the clock struck eleven,
On this quiet new years eve,
With the country in lockdown,
After the years of wrangling,
From when we decided to leave.
With just an hours last swell,
To the end of the year,
It is not the time to dwell,
Only time will truly tell,
If we as a country chose well.
So raise a glass to tonight,
Mark the end of the fight,
No matter the side fought,
We’ve all taken our shots,
Some left victorious and some not.
Goodbye to the past,
Let the memories last,
May we drink to the future,
And use history,
As our teacher.

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