Little Suzie Has A Pussy

This poem may not be for the faint of heart. Although I have done X rated poetry, this is not technically an X rated poem. It is a form of satirical children’s poem…

Little Suzie had a pussy,
She loved it and played with it,
And if her pussy got hungry,
She gave it what it wanted.
Now Little Suzie’s pussy,
Loved the taste of cock,
But some pussies don’t like chicken,
And would rather fish in a dock.
Little Suzie takes her pussy,
Wherever she will go,
Even into her little garden,
When she needs to start to hoe.
One day Little Suzie’s Pussy,
Wasn’t very well,
She checked it over,
And noticed a bad smell.
Little Suzie took her pussy,
For a quick shower,
Now the pussy,
Smells a bit nicer.
Little Suzie looked at her pussy,
And wondered if it was normal,
She took it to her mum one night,
Who became very formal.
Little Suzie’s mother sat her down,
And told her not to worry,
Pussies come in different sizes shapes and colours,
Just don’t let it get dirty.
Little Suzie put her pussy,
Upstairs to bed,
Then headed downstairs,
To eat some jam and bread.

©The Pesky Poet

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