Cat Among The Pigeons

Meow Meow Meow,
Meow Meow,
Meow Meow,
Meow Meow Meow,
Meow Meow.

Tweet Tweet Tweet,
Tweet Tweet.
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet,
Tweet Tweet.

Tweet Tweet,
Meow Meow,
Tweet Tweet Tweet,
Meow Tweet,
Tweet Meow,
TWEET Tweet Tweet Tweet tweet tweet twe-ugh


Spend Spend Spend

Happy thanksgiving,
Let’s all give thanks,
And spend spend spend.
Remember to thank,
The busy bank,
And spend spend spend.
And why not some more,
You wanted it for sure,
Go out and spend spend spend.
Did you see that pen,
I’m sure the budget can bend,
Go on spend spend spend.

An Apple A Day

An apple a day,
Keeps the doctor away.
A banana a night,
Takes care of the fright,
A squash an evening,
Keeps you breathing,
A tangerine a week,
Keeps you sheak,
But ten beans a day,
Will blow you away.

The Lindt Time of Year

This time of year,
Bring about good cheer,
With Lindt and yule,
And all things getting cool,
Grab a Galaxy,
Hot chocolate with me,
And let’s count down,
To the new year.

Fantastic Beasts 0 – Here

Fantastic Beasts,
And here’s to find them,
One at a time,
Poems to honor,
Rowling’s great invention,
A simple homoge,
Not for the money.
Each will be written,
As an observer,
Viewing them,
In the wild,
With their kin.

Bedtime Rhyme

There’s a strange mythical being,
at the end of my bed,
Although it doesn’t speak,
I know what it said,
Wishing me well,
And warmly to sleep,
I sneak another view,
Of the beast of my dreams.
Off I go now,
To the land of the mind,
Where centaurs rule,
And Minotaur mine,
May my journey be safe,
And not fraught with danger,
I will see you again,
When I wake from my slumber.

Fruit Rhyme 1 – Strawberry

What a Great, British fruit,
The Strawberry is,
All red and plump,
With a soft juicy skin,
Get a bit of cream,
And you will be ready for Wimbledon.