Welcome to Fantasy – Poem by the Pesky Poet

Fairytales are real,
They live all around us,
Hiding in plain sight,
Influencing our lives.
Humpty had his horses,
Alice had the hatter,
Aslan had a forest,
And they all had each other,
Take the leap,
Through the looking glass,
And see what's hidden behind,
There's another story to find.
Hansel had Gretel,
Pinocchio had Geppetto,
Beauty had the Beast,
And they all had each other.
Like watching a dream,
But this is real life,
When the world feels alone,
We must not think of strife.
Because Fairytales are real,
And they live around us,
Snow White had seven friends,
And the wolf has the huntsman,
Maleficent had her crow,
The Red Queen her cards,
We've all got someone here,
In the world we make,
The Hatter has the Hair,
And the sun her moon,
The fox has the hound,
And Bilbo has Frodo,
The dark has the light,
Micky has Minnie,
Kermit has Mrs Piggy,
And you have me.

┬ęThe Pesky Poet

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