I’m Dyslexic – Poem by the Pesky Poet

I’m dyslexic not dislexic,
Spelling has not been my forty,
Thant doesn’t make me stupid,
Or somehow dirty.

Dyslexia is majic,
If you let it be,
Creating words not yet herd,
Some not yet sean.

So look past the snobbery,
Of perfect spelling,
Instead see the writer,
And the story telling.

The worlds greatest works,
Could be killed in the cradle,
If a dyslexic mind is told,
That they are not able.

Even dyslexic writers,
Must draft, edit and proofread,
If they want to reach out,
To the audience they seek.

Just remember when you criticise,
A spelling mistake in type,
It’s not a sign of the writer,
But of the reader inside.

©The Pesky Poet

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