Dark Day In Europe – Poem by the Pesky Poet

It is a dark day in Europe,
With the sound of bombs found,
And what do leaders do,
Scramble for sanctions,
That's our returning sound.

The sound of paperwork,
In retaliation for boots,
The sound of a rubber stamp,
Payback for bombs,
Is as effective,
As fighting a gun with a song.

It's a dark day for Europe,
With the sound of bombs found,
When a country can just march,
With boots on the ground,
No help for resistance found.

Humanity has not matured,
From its days of the great wars,
Some are still greedy,
Wanting more than they have,
Some are still inhuman,
Seeing land and not people.

It was a dark day in Europe,
The news will one day read,
Many dead, many lost,
Nothing to eat with many to feed,
Today is the start of the dark.

©The Pesky Poet

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