Christmas Countdown 2020: 18. Christmas Animals

Christmas cheer is spread each year,
With symbolism of things far and near.
One of the things that spreads the cheer,
Are the animals we link to this time of year.
But alongside the expected like reindeer,
Or the UK favourite the red breast robin,
There are some other animals known to show,
The symbolism we’ve learned to know.
Like the little donkey we all sing about,
Who carried Mary on her long old route.
Or the small straw yule tide goat,
Of the Scandinavian countries and now you know.
How about those hopping kangaroos,
Who lead Santa when he’s down under.
Or the litany of birds we all recite in song,
When we sing about 12 days of Christmas long.
Each of these animals have their part to play,
In the Christmas magic on the build up to the day.

©The Pesky Poet

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