Christmas Countdown 2020: 8. The Wrapping Waltz

First you cut the paper,
Then measure it twice,
Before you realise,
Somethings not write.
You try all positions,
To see if it will work,
Before you decide,
You need to restart.
You grab the paper roll,
Measure an extra touch,
Get ready to wrap,
And realise it’s too much.
Once done with the paper,
It needs to be taped
One hand you hold the gift,
Trying not to let the paper escape.
The other hand tries to find,
The hidden little fine line,
On the roll of tape,
Before you resign.
You realise you need,
Both hands for the tape,
Two hands for the paper,
So it doesn’t misshape.
The same every year,
The wrapping waltz,
One of the joys,
Of hiding what’s in the box.

©The Pesky Poet

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