They told me I was wrong,
They told me it wasn’t ok,
They told me it was not the way,
It’s not natural, they would say,
But just because they are they,
Doesn’t mean they are right,
Or have the right to say,
Just remember to love yourself,
And all will be ok,
Even if you are like me,
And you are gay.

One thought on “Gay

  1. The bigotry that the LGBTQ community is subjected to on a regular basis is something that perplexes me to no end. Even if some people are not into that lifestyle, they have no right to deny the right of gay people to get married. On the issue of gay marriage, if I had a son who was gay or a daughter who was a lesbian, I would love them no matter what. Quite honestly, I would not let that affect me personally. On the website, some people come out as being gay. All I can say is good for them. Claiming that children who are raised in a household ran by a same sex couple would grow up to be dysfunctional members of society is ridiculous. Not to mention lacking any substantial credibility. Claiming to oppose same sex marriage on religious grounds is something I have no problem with. Using the force of law to deny gay people the right to get married is something I absolutely disagree with. For people who oppose same sex marriage, here is some advice: Mind your own business. The fact is that same sex marriage would never adversely affect your marriage.


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