I’m Forever Yours

Just the sight of your face,
Is enough to make me week,
The sound of your voice,
Brings me to my knees,
And the feel of your hand,
Makes it hard to breath.
I feel in love,
The moment we met,
Clech├ęd I know,
But the best we get.
You were the right person,
Presented at the right time,
To take my heart on a journey,
That showed who I was meant to be,
Taught me to love myself,
The way life made me.
I fell for you,
And I knew it was true,
The old story,
That the best movies do.
Like a star in my night sky,
You shone so bright,
Giving direction to my life,
My very own norther light,
You showed me who I was,
And for that I’m forever yours.