Fruit Rhyme 7 – Lime

I see the Lime light,
That’s not a crime like,
I like the late night,
With a Lime bite.
Bitter and sweet,
All citrusy and sharp,
Just like a bad night,
Out in the Lime light.

Fruit Rhyme 6 – Cherry

Cherry rhymes with Sherry,
And also with berry,
But not with carpet.
Cherry is very,
Sweet like a berry,
But not hairy like carpet.

Fruit Rhyme 5 – Tomato

You say it’s not so,
But I know tomato,
Is a fruit not a veg,
So let it be said,
Now give it a rest,
It’s a fruit nothing less.

Fruit Rhyme 4 – Kiwi

So round and green,
Fuzzy and gooey,
Kiwi is all nice and juicy.
With a spoon,
Or all at once,
Have one with your lunch.
In a smoothy,
Or in one bite,
I think I’ll have one tonight.

Fruit Rhyme 3 – Banana

Fruit man,
Fruit man, Fruit man,


All yellow and long,
With a curve,
That’s not wrong,
And a white flesh inside,
Tasty and sweet,
A fruit to eat,
Nom nom nom.


Fruit Rhyme 2 – Pomegranate

I sit and eat pomegranate,
In the city of granite,
On the third planet,
From the sun,
I like Pomegranate,
It is taken for granted,
And should not be replaced,
with a carrot,

Fruit Rhyme 1 – Strawberry

What a Great, British fruit,
The Strawberry is,
All red and plump,
With a soft juicy skin,
Get a bit of cream,
And you will be ready for Wimbledon.