Fantastic Beasts 10 – Pixie

Pesky Pixie,
Pokes Precisely,
Pondering Postly,
Postulating Pointedly,
Prating Proudly.

Fantastic Beasts 9 – Unicorn

I do not wish,
My life half or cursed,
Not even if,
I’m at my worst,
I’d rather be,
Placed in a hearse,
Than have my life,
Halved or cursed.

Fantastic Beasts 8 – Imp

Don’t let,
The limp Imp,
Talk to,
The sick Chimp,
Or to,
The wimp Shrimp,
Don’t trust,
That slimy, whiny, limp Imp.

Fantastic Beasts 7 – Troll

Thump Thump,
Goes the Troll,
Moan Groan,
As it crosses the hall,
Crash Bang,
It destroys the wall,
Walking away,
Not caring at all.

Fantastic Beasts 6 – Basilisk

Never before have I seen such a beast,
So long and slender yet full of meat,
The last thing I’ll see,
If I look in it’s eyes,
But who would say,
Their not mesmerised,
What a beast,
So big and strong,
Scaring even those,
Feared for long,
Two or eight legs,
It will treat you the same,
So don’t get to close,
To the fanged end.

Fantastic Beasts 5 – Mandrake

I’m still unsure,
Of what I’ve seen,
It cried like an animal,
When it looked at me,
But I could have sworn,
That it had grown,
In soil in a pot,
And not like me,
So was it a plant,
That grew from a seed,
Or was it an animal,
Like you or me.

Fantastic Beasts 4 – Hippogriff

Probably the most majestic,
Of the feathered beasts,
She has the curiosity of s cat,
And the intrigue of a dog,
With the nature of a pet.
Looks can be deceptive,
And this creature could be deceitful,
But I can see why,
It is easy to get lost,
In the beauty of the beast.

Fantastic Beasts 3 – Dragon

Some think them as savage,
I prefer misunderstood,
Misrepresented with a reputation,
Seeing the fire fly,
Brings cold saliva
To the tongue
Just like any animal,
Shown it respect,
But if you see one,
Then don’t forget to run.

Fantastic Beasts 2 – Acromantula

Out walking I stumbled,
Into a sticky web,
Quickly getting up,
I checked ahead,
A sea of misty white,
Laid before me,
Like a blanket laid,
By a giant to ensnare me,
What was that,
The sound of clicking,
The eerie noise,
From just behind me,
“Who has entered my domain”,
I jump and turn,
There before me,
The giant stood,
All eight black eyes,
Pierced my soul,
It’s black hairs rustling,
As it moved,
“Just passing through”,
I pleaded,
“Stay awhile”,
It invited,
All the while I scream inside,
Run you fool,
Run and hide.

Fantastic Beasts 1 – Thestral

Long and slender,
I see it stand,
looking around,
Delicate without a sound,
It is coming for me,
But I do not run,
It’s long wings pass me,
With barely a wisp,
Before it bucks,
And is gone,
With the night,
Into the stars.

Fantastic Beasts 0 – Here

Fantastic Beasts,
And here’s to find them,
One at a time,
Poems to honor,
Rowling’s great invention,
A simple homoge,
Not for the money.
Each will be written,
As an observer,
Viewing them,
In the wild,
With their kin.