NEWS – Screw Over PeskyPoetry and You

Hi all my poetry readers… And those who have just stumbled onto this page.

WordPress have recently made changes to their plan model that will eventually kill PeskyPoetry. I wish I was joking but without switching platform next year the new Pro Plan model used by will make this whole thing too expensive.

First things first, yes, PeskyPoetry is hosted on I’ve never really hidden that… The tool is the tool and all that. CreativelyBecomeIndifferent, the predecessor to PeskyPoetry was also hosted here. CBI used a free plan on WP and that was all I needed to manage everything and make the page look nice. When I moved to PeskyPoetry I made the decision to go a bit more professional and paid for the personal plan. That plan is currently $3.50 /m billed as $84 every two years. A fair price I thought to use a custom domain and get better design and storage options.

After a couple of years and a lot of Viagra adverts (that will be relevant soon), and one fathers day advert on a dad memorial poem, I wanted to remove ads. To do this I had to move to the Professional Plan at $7.50 /m billed as $180 every two years. For a non-money making site that felt like the limit of what I would spend. $90 a year seemed ok for a hobby to me. And I did manage to offset some of the costs with book sales (although most of the book sale money goes to paying for the book production).

I recently opened a new project on WP called CyberSecSay. This will be a place to share cyber security information for general public readers. When setting that up I noticed there was only one plan and it read $180. This new “Pro Plan” was basically an all in one and so I took it. What I didn’t notice was the small print that said “per year”. That is a doubling of the $180 every two years and not very well highlighted. It’s good for businesses who will save at least $300 compared to the old Business and eCommerce plans… but general users will be at least $90 per year or up to $138 per year worse off.

Needless to say, Pesky Poetry cannot sustain a hike of $90 /y and do not agree with the practices of WP in this… Who, in a support email, gleefully stated that they felt the new plans and costs were “going in the right direction”. Therefore Pesky Poetry is at a crossroads… There are other competitors out there including one that would cost about $90 per year (or $65 with current discounts) and will give full control of the site (well beyond that of the WP Professional Plan) along with complete free IMAP and POP3 mailbox features. There is also the option to rent and run servers myself… I work in that space after all.

So what is holding me back? Time and money. It takes a lot of time to migrate a site that has existed for 6 years and is it worth it for a passion project? I was once a big advocate of and have run many projects myself (some complete flops) I can also attribute my name to the starting of a lot of projects on here… But that changed with this blatant money grab from end users.

I have implored to reconsider this but they seem set on this self destructive path. Please reach out for other recommendations if you are also now seeking moving your site.

While writing this, WordPress, have released their stripped down Starter plan… Unsurprisingly they do not have a feature breakdown with a side-by-side comparison to the new Pro Plan or even to the original plans. But reading the description they have included things that once were free and created a very watered down plan for $5 /m or $60 /y which sits half way between the old Personal and Professional plans ($42 and $90 per year). If Pesky Poetry moved to that, it’s media space would be more than halved (13GB to 6GB) and it would lose a lot of the other features it has come to rely on. Not to mention that for $5 more a year you can get complete access and control with a competitor, whether or not you are a business. This is a galling move by WordPress in a blatant attempt to hike costs on users., please reconsider this before you start losing more users!

All the best,
The Pesky Poet

©The Pesky Poet

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