Eric Jones’s Memory Problems – A poem by the Pesky Poet

It continues, the annoying spam,
Unlike that tasty meat,
That rhymes with ham.
I'm talking about Eric,
The only spam,
I seem to ever get.
"Hi I'm Eric," it starts,
Before continue,
"I've just come across your site."
Well Eric I have news for you,
Please see your doctor,
It seems you have a memory issue.
You've "Just come across",
My site a thousand times,
And each time seem to be lost.
My favourite one yet,
Is the solid line,
"I just found your site... While surfing" online.
Dear Mr Jones, take my reply,
Seek medical help,
I'm scared with your memory, you may die.
If you too have issues,
With Eric Jones's terrible memory,
Please leave a comment below.

©The Pesky Poet

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