NEWS: January 2022

Limited time free book, new books coming out and so much more.

2022 has started with a bang. This year will be 10 years since CreativelyBecomeIndifferent was started and 6 years of Pesky Poetry. A compilation book of poetry currently titled A Decade in the Making is in the works and should be released around June this year.

Two other books are currently in the works On Angels Wings and Pesky Poet’s Scrapbook. All going well at least one of these will be published this year.

Lastly, to mark 10 years of Christmas Countdowns the book A Decade of Pesky Poetry Christmas Countdowns will be published. I am still undecided if there will be an 11th year to the Christmas Countdown so stay tuned.

To mark the success of Pesky Poetry and to celebrate the next book MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet will be free on Amazon Kindle from 07/01/2021 for 5 days. See below or click the following link
US –
UK –

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