New Old Sci-Fi Book

Many years before semi-exclusively writing poetry my writing book was full of all kinds of weird and wonderful projects. From essays, to short stories and even a couple of songs. In that jumble was the fragments of a Science Fiction book worked on by four friends. What was originally a small story grew into a four novel piece of work. At about 95% through the first draft the book was shelfed for the usual artistic differences, life moving on and lack of interest. It was always hoped we would return to the work but for the last ten years that has not been the case. Now, with the permission of the four of us, we have released the first book in a draft format to test the waters. If enough interest is created we may finally compete the work. So to my Sci-Fi followers, please grab a copy and let me know what you think… If you have any questions, even “Do you have a spare/free copy I can have?” feel free to reach out via the contact page.

For now, here is the blurb and where you can grab the book:

In the fifteen hundred years since breaking free from the confines of Earth, humanity has come far, spreading out across the stars to seed hundreds of worlds. From those worlds came nations, and from those nations, empires the likes of which humanity has never seen. Newborns stand to live centuries, and in the brightest places of this new world, none go hungry. Yet shadowy forces move between the light cast by humanity’s greatest achievements, pursuing an agenda that would drag them down into blind servitude. Few are even aware of the ripples of this conspiracy’s actions, and fewer still survive the discovery. But there are some who have known of it since childhood, gifted or cursed with two words that they are driven to understand. These scattered few represent the best chance to reveal what lurks beneath the illusion of utopia that has enveloped humanity. But only if they can survive long enough to discover it, and the reach of the Gate is long…


Paperback >>>

Paperback >>>

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