New Year Countdown 2020: 5. Year In Review

We now creep to the end,
Of the strange year we are in.
Looking back is always useful,
So here is 2020 in review.
There is a lot for me,
To be grateful for this year,
But first let’s get the bad out of the way.
This year I lost my grandfather,
A man of many talents of much laughter,
A strong pillar of my life,
No longer hear tonight.
I caught the virus,
Just last month,
And it floored me,
Something I still suffer.
My wedding was postponed,
Not cancelled,
And will still go ahead next year.
Now that the bad is acknowledged,
Let’s look to the good,
And celebrate where we can.
This year was musical,
With more time at the piano,
And taking up the violin.
There was also my book,
That hit the shelves this year,
And almost reached an Amazon no. 1.
Working from home gave me freedom,
To make working as comfortable as possible,
And aided towards a promotion.
All of these things I am grateful for,
And these are just the shortlist,
Next year will be better,
I am certain of this.
Last of all to review is you,
But that is a topic for it’s own poem,
Don’t you think?

©The Pesky Poet

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