Starting My Covid Journey

A shock has come to me,
In the last few days,
I discovered Covid in my house,
And as an asthmatic,
My brain began running.
Within hours I was run down,
Within a day I started coughing,
And before the test could arrive,
My chest begun it’s battle,
A war has been waged inside me.
From moments of clarity,
My brain seems to go foggy,
From moments of healthy,
My chest manages to remind me,
There is a war running inside me.
While this war of me vs covid,
Rages underneath my skin,
I am the collateral spilling over,
And I am stuck just sitting,
Waiting to find out who will win.
Anyone who says this is a hoax,
Or somehow not that bad,
Take it from someone who knows,
The outward appearance seems fine,
But below the skin takes the blows.

┬ęThe Pesky Poet

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