Christmas Books are Coming

One of the defining features of Pesky Poetry, and Creatively Become Indifferent before it, is the Christmas Countdown… An annual set of new poems counting down to Christmas and occasionally New Year. Barring 2017, where due to family health reasons, no Christmas Countdown was written, there has been a Christmas Countdown each year since 2012.

One of the projects for this year has been to republish all the poems from Creatively Become Indifferent (2012-2015), standardise the Pesky Poetry countdowns (2016-2019) and write the 2020 countdown. While working on this project I was asked why I hadn’t ever turned the countdowns into their own books. So, as part of the project I built a set of eBooks based on the 7 previous years.

Along with all the poems from that years countdown each book contains; a unique forward about the Pesky Poet that narrates the story of Pesky Poetry, a poem from the 2020 countdown and a unique dedication with a dedication poem. You can pick up the individual books from Amazon (links below) and you can keep an eye out for the 2020 edition – coming soon.

Sadly, I wasn’t quick enough to produce a physical anthology of the Christmas countdowns but it is my aim to release a physical book next year titled: A Pesky Poetry Christmas Anthology (2012-2021).

Books are how I fund the Pesky Poetry Project and so it means a lot to me for each book that is sold. I also love to hear back from my readers… If you have comments or just want to say “hi” feel free to use the Contact form on this site.

Thank you if you bought any of the above books and thank you if you just came here to read this post.

The Pesky Poet

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