Please Help A Poet

Hi All,

Thank you for all the love and support in my work!

I’ve just been made aware that Pesky Poetry: An Anthology is showing on Amazon UK at 55% off…

It is currently ranked as 10,387 on the Amazon Poetry Anthologies best sellers list… (At time of writing)

I would love to get that number down… But I need your help to do that… If you can spare £2.26 please add the book to your next Amazon order and give it a quick review.

If you are not in the UK then I don’t know if the discount has been applied but I would love it if you could buy a copy.

Please share the love and support a startup poet.

The Pesky Poet

©The Pesky Poet

Please support a poet. Poetry is not a money maker but you can support it. Even a simple like or share can make the difference. Grab a copy of the most recent book or reach out and ask how else you can support.

Books are how this page is kept going. Each copy pays off the cost of keeping this site going. Grab a copy of the best seller or share it with a friend. Every little helps fund this page:

UK Kindle –
UK PaperBack –
US Kindle –
US PaperBack –

How about Waterstones –

I’m looking for book reviewers, let me know if you are up for it.

#BestSeller #eBook #DyslexicPoet

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