2.6 Thank You

Today I got a certificate through the post from Blood Cancer UK for completing the 2.6 Challenge.

I would like to thank all of you who donated or supported me in this challenge. Your donations have gone to an amazing cause.

You can see the poems from the Challenge below

Two Point Six Challenge Poems

2.6 Finishing Line

I’ve done it,I’ve crossed it,My finishing line,26 Poems are written,Each a new line,The clock has been counting,And down went the time,26 Poems were written,In 2.6 hours of time.***Thank you for reading,My London Marathon,Please think of giving,To those in need. Please consider donating here

2.5 Finishing Straight

That’s it,I’m on the home straight,My last leg,The Mall if you will.***Although I’m not panting,Or have a strain on my knees,My brain is lagging,And my thoughts are on cheese.***I am not athletic,If I run I would wheeze,But I can also say,These poems were not a breeze. Please consider donating here

2.4 Last Ditch Plea

My time is almost up,And there isn’t much left to say,Thank you for running,My marathon with me.Before I close off,With the final two poems,Please let me take,Two moments of your time.There is a lot you can do,This fight needs you,Don’t be a covidiot,Don’t believe what’s not true.We need to do this together,Shoulder to shoulder,And remember … Continue reading 2.4 Last Ditch Plea

2.3 Global Pandemic, Local Solutions

To some world leaders,This is a competition,A global pandemic,Being treated with local solutions.***If this was a cancer,It would be like,Treating the source cells,And ignoring the spread site.***Or in another way,If this was root rot,It would be cutting the roots,And forgetting the top.***We have a global pandemic,With world leaders acting alone,What does that say,For the solutions … Continue reading 2.3 Global Pandemic, Local Solutions

2.2 Exercise

Never has a walk,Sounded so exciting,As when you can call it,Government Sanctioned Exercise.***It sounds like a task,Something you must do,For queen and country,And government too.***So I take my leave,And bid you adieu,My time has come,To go walking for you. Please consider donating here


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