There Once Was A Sod From Eton

There once was a man from Eton,
Who didn't know when he was beaten,
He stuck around, like poo on the ground,
And wouldn't admit being defeated.
There once was a man from Eton,
The toff of the toffs and deceiter,
He lied to the crowd, And expected applause,
That crafty lying man from Eton.
There once was a PM from Eton,
Why oh why did people elect him?
The countries a mess, he couldn't cate less,
That self entitled prick from Eton.
There once was a mess from Eton,
Who didn't know why people hated him,
He couldn't understand, Why those all around,
Wanted to hate and unseat him.
There once was an Eton deceit,
Like no other you ever did meet,
There is nothing to do, but to show him the shoe,
By kicking him out on the street.

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