Seeking Constant Gratification

There are many curses,
That come with writing,
None more befitting,
Than the constant hunt,
For personal recognition,
For artistic glorification,
And for the gratification.
Without these vices,
The writing of a mind,
Is nothing more than pointless.
Artists the world around,
Have their curses they hide,
It’s the drive to create,
When all seems to bleak,
The desire to be noticed,
The desire for the focus,
And for the spot light.
Without being noticed,
The works of any artist,
Are nothing more than mess.
There is a struggle inside,
Between mind and work,
The creative need for a stage,
With the existential dread,
What if I’m not good enough,
What if my work is bad,
And should I make it end.

©The Pesky Poet

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