Homeward Bound

So long ship,
It’s been fun,
I’ve seen the sea,
I’ve seen the sun,
Visited the history,
Visited the modern,
Found the lost,
Not mist a post,
Now back to port,
Back to the flight,
Back to the UK,
Before the end of the day,
Homeward bound,
Through Palma again,
Here I come Briton,
Counting down to touch down.

Barcelona On Our Own

Let’s ditch the guide,
And go it alone,
Take a look at the history,
Get to know the unknown,
Find interesting architecture,
Taste new food,
Let’s see Barcelona,
Just as you should.


Well here I am,
In Monaco with my man,
Hobnobbing with the rich,
Sight seeing near the famous,
Riding around the track,
Where the Grand Prix is.

Pisa With Me

From history,
To culture,
I’m in Pisa,
You see,
Do you wish,
You were here,
With me?
Taking it all in,
The sun on my skin,
The wind at my back,
Friends by my side,
Fiancé with me,
I’m loving this holiday.


Day three,
A day of history,
Nearly 2000 years,
Since the flattening,
Of a city by the sea,
By the mountain of the Gods,
Spewing ash as smoke.
Pompeii is a dust trap,
But is not boring in any way,
Vesuvius is no better,
But at least it keeps,
The horizon company.
I can’t think,
Of a better thing,
To do today,
Than see the old sights,
And climb the earth’s peaks
To learn something new,
And see something old,
There’s nothing better,
I think you’ll agree.

Silly Sicily and Mount Etna

Is it really so silly,
To want to visit Sicily?
I don’t think so,
And here I am today,
Next stop before I leave,
To climb a hot head,
And see the horizon,
From a volcano rim,
Mount Etna here I come.

Meet the Captain

It is not very common,
To get to meet a captain,
One who rules,
And tames the waves,
From his spot,
Up high in the ship,
With a thousand people,
Below the spot that is his.
A suit well pressed,
A look to impress,
A smile to enlighten,
A voice to calm,
It is not often,
You meet a captain,
So take advantage,
And grab a snap,
From another’s vantage.