Advent 2019: 4 Peace

At this time of darkness,
Where the nights feel never ending,
And the world feels broken,
We can often forget our humanity.
We try and push the dark,
Into a space in the back of our minds,
And keep thoughts of wars,
Suffering and pain for the new year.
So we light the last candle,
And bring to our minds forefront,
The thoughts of peace,
And what part we play in the world.

2019 Christmas Countdown 22: Darkest Time

Winter Solstice,
Comes over us,
Making the world dark.
But tomorrow will be light,
And shorter will be the night,
bringing back the warmth.
Although today is dark,
Look to tomorrow,
As the start of a brighter time.

2019 Christmas Countdown 21: Christmas Travel

We get up early,
And warm the car,
Pack the gifts,
To travel far,
Grab a bite,
And grab a tea,
Well be on our way.

2019 Christmas Countdown 19: Jingle Bells Haiku

Jingle bells to you,
To your own and everyone,
Wherever you are.

2019 Christmas Countdown 18: One Week To Go

There’s one week to go,
Until the big day,
And in that time,
There is a lot to do.
The schools must finish,
With hyper kids,
Leaving for the holidays,
And dreaming of their presents.
And don’t Forget,
That last little bit,
Of wrapping to do,
For under the tree.
That and the turkey,
You need to get,
From the store,
That is getting hectic.
But in that time,
Remember to enjoy,
Some of the cheer,
And maybe some wine.

2019 Christmas Countdown 17: Morning Frost

Crunch Crunch,
The ground beneath my feet,
Crunch Crunch,
The grass frozen to peat,
Crunch Crunch,
The frozen washed sheets,
Crunch Crunch,
The absolute void of heat,
Of the cold morning frost.

2019 Christmas Countdown 16: Snowman

Soundless as it falls,
Nothing is shown until it thaws,
Ominous in its covering,
Winter sight across the and,
Mountains white in the distance,
And perfect for making,
Non other than a snowman.