Alternative Facts

We live in a time,
Filled with opinion not fact,
Filled with fantasy not news,
Where WordPress depresses,
And claims to be views.
We are closer to war,
Believing alternative facts,
Believing alternative news,
The rumour mill,
And the next daily sleuth.
Where are we going,
When alternative news becomes fact,
When alternative fact becomes news,
Are we lining our destruction,
Pulling the pin, lightning the fuse.
Is it not our right,
To believe alternative facts,
To believe alternative news,
Spreading our world,
Sharing our views.
Rights have responsibility,
Like teaching real facts,
Like dispelling fake news,
So be responsible and teach,
But not just your views.

Tell Me It’s Fair

Who is next,
Who is safe,
After Sandy Hook,
How many more,
This should have been stoppable,
Before it hit a Gay club door,
And not through education,
Not through discrimination,
Through the simple act,
Of gun control.
Why should a man have the right,
To by a weapon used in war,
Why is it his right to carry it,
And remind people of its fatal click,
The constitution gives freedoms,
Which people have used,
To take other’s away,
Is that right.
Gay, Straight Bi,
Adults, Children,
Parents, Kids,
How many more have to die,
Before people can sleep at night,
Knowing their loved ones are safe.
America is making a grave mistake,
Protecting the rights of the killers,
And not those of the killed,
The second amendment speaks,
Of security of the state,
So why not secure the state,
By ensuring regulated access,
I ask again,
How many more?
If an attack comes knocking,
On your door,
Will you just say,
This is the way,
And accept that nothing more,
Could be done?
Or will you regret,
In that last second,
That you hadn’t pushed for
Simple gun control.
Tonight when you kiss your kids,
Think about losing them,
If some went around shooting them,
Then tell me it’s fair,
Not to withhold,
Guns from people,
Who should never own them,
Tell me it’s fair,
To protect a right,
A right so cruelly used,
To take a life,
Tell me it’s fair,
I dare you.