The Raven Behind The Writing Desk

It has become customary to for me to write a small bit about myself under the title “The Raven Behind The Writing Desk” so I feel I should continue this with my new blog.

Just as a quick introduction. I am a Scottish poet that hails from the wet lands of Inverness. My hobbies are to cook, clean and write poetry when I am not focusing on something interesting work wise.

Happily engaged to the love of my life and still in search for the perfect cup of tea.

Why write poetry? You may see the occasional spelling mistake or homophone used wrong and wonder “Doesn’t this person proof check his work”. Well the answer is, yes I do but I am also dyslexic. Dyslexia is often looked at as a curse and when I was in school there were a lot of people who happily told me I would never do much with writing. Being stubborn I decided to prove them wrong. Do I think I am the world’s greatest poet… Definitely not, if I was that would mean the world was full of some very mediocre poets. The only thing that matters is that I enjoy writing and finally built up the courage to share it.

I’m always happy to interact with followers so feel free to comment on posts or click the contact button in the menu.

Life events that I generally use as inspiration are (But not necessarily in this order);
Searching for love,
Finding Love,
Losing my dad to alcohol addiction,
Friends and Family.