Screaming Heart

This heart screams and yells in pain,
For that someone to take it in,
It knows who that someone is,
And knows it cannot be his.
Still it screams and yells in pain,
Till  someday it will be taken in,
It knows that will not be him,
But still it sits and waits for him.

Look Around You

Look around at all you can see,
Somewhere out there do you see me?
You are there in all do,
Let me be there in everything you do,
You are there when I need you,
Let me be there when you need me,
Open your heart to me,
As I have opened my heart to you.

If Life Were

If life were a song,
I’d sing it for you,
Every line that I’d sing,
Would bleed and run true.
If life were a play,
I’d act it with you,
Every line that I’d say,
Would be just for you.
If life were a talk,
I’d speak it for you,
Every word that I’d say,
Would be to love you.
Alas life is just life,
This much is true,
So please let me spend,
Every moment with you.

Affirmation Of Love

I love where no one loves,
I have love for the unloved,
Harm can’t get to me as long as I feel love,
Only what is for my divine good can touch me,
And in all situations remind me to love,
As with love pain can be healed,
Even the unseen pain.

What Is In A Tear?

What is in a tear,
Are the thoughts you cannot hear,
thoughts that have built up,
year on year.
In a tear,
Is the pain you had to bear,
The pain that you let show,
The pain that you’ve let go.
Don’t keep the tear,
Just let it go,
Learn to let you heart show,
and learn to let your tears set you free.

Person That You Hide

Does anyone truly know,
The person you do not show,
The person that you hide,
Deep down inside.
That one who cries to get out,
But you try to block it out,
People will never know,
Unless you let you show.

The Shores of Aberdeen

I look at the ocean,
Does it look back?
I see it clean the sand,
Does it see me making the footsteps?
The beauty and the clarity of the north sea,
Separated only by gold from the city.
A loving grandfather plays chase with a grandchild,
Just as the sea place chase with the seagulls.
A line of street lights stand guard,
Like tall green pillars,
Protecting the road by the sea,
From the dark of night.
Lists of boats lay in clusters,
Atop the flat blue water,
Aboard them crews are just stirring,
Ready to start earning.
All this can be seen,
By the shores of Aberdeen.