Across The Sea Of Time – A Poem by the Pesky Poet

When you look up at the stars,
And think of the worlds out there,
With their wonderful life,
And strange frontiers,
What do you think about?
Do you ever imagine yourself,
Sat on a distant world,
Far from home,
Looking up at an alien sky,
Questioning the worlds out there?
Through the sea of time,
The universe has seen,
There have been galaxies born,
And galaxies burned,
Long before you were here.
Across the vast dark sky,
It's lonely formation,
Only broken by starlight,
Pinpricks in the universe,
Showing what the darkness hides.
We sit atop our ship,
Sailing through the deep black,
We are at once part of the universe,
And apart from the universe,
Contemplating our existence.

©The Pesky Poet

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