Free eBook Anyone? Last Call [EXPIRED]

This offer has now expired!

Hello my lovely followers (and those who have stumbled onto this page)

My new book was recently published, MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet. The book is now live on Amazon. You can see the preview below.

As an author just starting out, I am in need of your help. If you like poetry and wouldn’t mind reviewing a new book please fill in the contact form below. You will be sent a DRM free ePub copy of the book and all I ask for in return is an honest review on Amazon and other sites. if you really loved the book let me know as I may be able to send you some MelonCollie goodies.

Love and Thanks,
The Pesky Poet

©The Pesky Poet

Support the Pesky Poet

Help support the Pesky Poet and get a signed copy of MelonCollie Ravings of a Dyslexic Poet in return. The money raised from the sale of these books goes to the funding of the Pesky Poetry site hosting costs while a cut also goes to the commissioned artist.


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