Suicide Prevention Week

In this year of lockdowns,
It’s important now,
More than ever,
To look after your health,
If you are feeling down,
Or just a little blue,
Or in need of some help,
Reach out to those who love you.
People would rather you,
For the rest of your life,
Than to hear a minister,
In 15 minutes sum up your life.
If you are in that dark place,
Stop and take stock,
Think of those who love you,
And miss you if you were gone.
Suicide Prevention Week ends tomorrow,
But the pain will carry on,
Look out for friends and family,
And help those you can.

If you need help or know anyone who does talk to a medical health professional or in the UK you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or check out the NHS site here:

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