This poem contains explicit gay pornography in the form of a poem. If this is in any way offensive to you it is unintended and I would appreciate it if you just stopped reading instead of you completing the poem then writing a comment of complaint, I consider you warned.

There you are walking on the side-walk,
Your skinny jeans hugging your legs,
That body warmer of yours as close to you as I want to be,
Here is me staring just wishing you would notice.
Then you turned towards me and looked,
What is this, a smile and a blown kiss,
Why are you sending me this wink.
Am I dreaming or are you signalling.
I cross towards you and can’t believe my ears,
“Lets go back to mine and waste the night”,
My head goes light and my legs just follow you,
Have my dreams finally come true, and I going to cum with you.
As we come up to your front door you turn and stare,
Your eyes have that look of longing in their misty blue,
A cold hand meets my cheek and rubs it calmingly,
Before another grabs my head from behind and pulls me in for a kiss,
As tongues changed mouths and your hands explored,
I stood still, in shock at the events, surely this can’t be true,
You can’t truly think that I am the one for you,
But I have always dreamt of this moment with you.
Cautiously I lift my hand and run it through your beautiful hair,
It’s rough texture amazing to have the chance to feel,
Suddenly this was cut short by a swift move towards the door,
As you unlock the door and push me in.
You begin to unbutton your shirt, working down them one by one,
Slowly you open it revealing your beautiful smooth chest with the faint outline of bone,
My heart seemed to stop seeing you offered to me,
Standing shirtless in front of me, really could this be.
As the shirt hits the floor you grab my hand and lead me some more,
Kissing against every bare piece of wall making our way down a hall,
As we entered your room you removed my belt and threw it aside,
You push me back onto your bed lift my legs into the air and pull my jeans right off,
You crawled up the bed over me just for another kiss before pulling my shirt open,
Kissing all of your way back down you focus on my boxers not leaving one bit unexplored,
This can’t be happening surely you weren’t removing your jeans here with me,
Then there was the warm sensation as all of a sudden my boxers were off and you started.
My body warmed up and ecstasy ran through my veins reminding me I was still alive,
And before I knew it you were naked beside me and sitting letting me stroke you,
Without warning from my body I started towards your bare cock and begun to suck,
Since I first laid eyes on you I dreamed of this moment but never could I imagine this.
You rolled me over and begun to work on my ass rubbing up and down my back,
As I felt your finger make the first move my arms collapsed and I began to groan,
Never could I have imagined this could have felt so perfect,
Before you rolled me back and rested my legs on your shoulders>
You stared longingly into my eyes with you beautiful marbles when I moaned loudly,
You moved slowly in and back out just teasing me with what you could do,
I closed my eyes and let you take control as I lost it all,
Just when I begun to moan louder and louder you gave me a confident stare.
As i came all over my chest you made one large pant and one large moan,
Before leaning closer to me and placing your hand back on my face,
Using only your thumb you rubbed my cheek and gave me another gentle kiss,
Then ecstasy returned as you pulled out and lowered my legs.
We both sat there panting laying next to each other naked,
I giggled nervously before being calmed by your look again,
You put your arm around my neck and used the other to stroke my hair,
This was perfect and I wish I could live here forever.
But here I am stood on the roadside still daydreaming ,
Wishing for that moment with you,
Then I made the decision to cross the road,
And to live the rest of my life with you.

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