NSFW: Glorious Night (Erotic)

I caution you before you read this. This poem does contain smut and poetry of a nature not suited to children or teenagers. It is what could be considered gay porn poetry so please don’t read if it will offend you or you do not like this kind of material.

My head was swimming,
I could feel him breathing.
My heart was racing,
I could feel him tracing,
All the lines of my back,
All the crinkles in my shirt,
He pulled me in,
And with a grin,
Ran his tongue along my chin,
He whispered gently,
To ask if I am ready,
But as my reply,
I kissed him.
His hands warm upon my back,
Pulled the shirt off,
The buttons ping to the floor,
But I didn’t care anymore,
I felt his hand upon my jeans,
As his tongue filled my mouth,
He pulled me closer onto the bead,
And rested his arms behind my head.
Slowly he kissed down my body,
Removing buttons on my jeans,
One by one I felt it throbbing,
Waiting to break free,
I stopped him and pulled him back,
For one more kissing match,
As I took control and pulled off his shirt,
To see what is underneath,
I flt his chest in my hands,
His muscly abs against mine,
As we slowly started rocking together,
He started moaning to me,
I ran my fingers through his hair,
He just sat and stared,
The love in his eyes,
Shawn like the sun in the sky,
As he started to remove my underwear
I felt mine ping with relief,
It was still throbbing,
He moved himself down my body,
And begun to lick me,
My feet curled with excitement,
As the licking turned to sucking,
I felt my body scream with delight,
Just before I came he stopped and let me calm.
I grabbed his head and pulled him up,
Kissed him as I squeezed his ass,
Sliding both his jeans and boxers off,
At the same time,
He bit his lip and looked at me,
I knew what this could mean,
I moved down his body kissing all the way,
Before stopping above is cock,
He groaned as I began to lick,
From head to shaft I made him squirm,
I could feel him precum,
But I didn’t stop instead took him all in,
He pulled me off to stop himself cumming,
And asked if I wanted him inside me,
Of course I did but I just kissed him again,
He pushed me onto my back and moved in,
First he teased with his throbbing cock,
Making it feel like he was in when he was not,
Then in one swift move of painful delight,
He pushed in and made my night.
With each move we were both close to coming,
Both moaning with endless delight,
Feeling each other close together,
Getting closer and closer,
Then he slowed and begun to thrust hard,
Bringing me close to the precipice,
When with one quick movement,
And one hard thrust,
We came to together,
On what was a glorious night.