Black Lives Matter!

No matter the colour of your skin,
The religion you believe in,
Your gender sex or who you love,
No-one has the right to attack your life.
PeskyPoetry may be based in the UK,
And the PeskyPoet may be a white male,
But he lives in an attacked minority being Gay,
He stands with you every step of the way.
Don’t let some orange buffoon take your freedom,
Fight for what is right and what you believe in,
Stand as one against this injustice,
Stand together in this hour.
Black lives matter,
Not just as a gimmick,
Not just for an election,
Not just for the few,
Black Lives are human too.
Black lives are part of the human family,
One big tapestry,
You wouldn’t hurt your own family,
Would you?
Sorry for my ramblings,
The news today has been saddening,
Anger boiled through my veins,
And I had to write my feelings.
PeskyPoetry will go dark tonight,
No poems, no posts, this is only right.
Black lives matter!
I stand with you!

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