Love In Actions

Given a word,
I’ll make it a song.
Given a world,
I’ll make it a stage.
Given a day,
I’ll make it a memory.
Given a life,
I’ll make it amazing .
Given a heart,
I’ll cherish it forever.
Given a dream,
I’ll make it a reality.
And given your hand,
I’ll hold it forever and never let go.

Oddity Of Love

Is it not strange,
How we focus on an organ,
At the centre of the body.
The pump of life,
As the control of love,
At the centre of our life.
How we say,
Each beat for each other,
And our heart in another’s hands.

One to Ten

One two,
sit in my seat,
Three four,
Wait to eat,
Five six,
See the candle sticks,
Seven eight,
Sit up straight,
Nine ten,
Start all over again

English Teacher Tease

I would talk of curtains of blue,
And talk of clouds of rain,
Or the cold of the snow.
But I don’t want to give,
English teachers the pleasure,
Of deciphering my work.
By the poem what am I saying,
Is it I’m melancholy or,
Just trying to play around.
Do your higher English on this,
And try and find where I am,
When I penned this one.

The last words (before the first kiss)

Waiting is not fun,
Given its for you,
You don’t know it yet,
But I’m after you.
Too many years of fighting
Fighting in my head,
Too many tears and too much dread.
I have done all,
I have seen you fall,
I have felt your highs,
And seen your lows.
Too many years of fighting,
Fighting in my head,
Too many tears to let this go on.
Even after this time,
I hear them ring in my head,
Will it be the last words,
Before the dread or,
The last words before the first kiss.
Too many years of fighting,
All the fighting in my head,
Too many years of the same words,
Ringing in my head,
Too many tears, time to let it go,
I love you now I know I won’t live in dread.

My Life In Your Taking

I watch my phone,
Waiting for you to call,
Knowing it will never come.
The only ring I would need,
To know you will be mine,
But it will never happen.
I would give you,
My life for your keeping,
If you would only say yes.
But here I sit,
Waiting for you,
To make the first move.