He FriendZoned Me

I fell for him,
Like the leaves,
Did for the autumn,
I made a move,
With great intention,
I wanted to love him,
I wanted to be his,
He smiled and said,
Were just good friends,
I don’t want to ruin this,
We agreed and I left,
I wish we were together,
But it could never be,
As he FriendZoned me.

Weak At The Knees

Weak at the knees,
Sweet begins to bead,
I know you are there,
But you will never be here.
You had the eyes the smile,
The love and the hare,
My taste in music,
It was all there.
But my mind was aching,
You weren’t mine,
For the taking,
Just a friend for the making.
You will always make,
Me weak at the knees,
Make me fall in a breeze,
But you will never please.

You Are Perfect

From your beautiful brown eyes,
To your chiseled chin,
Our late night drives,
A shoulder to cry on,
The smell of smoke,
All over you skin.
Your perfect fashion sense,
The macho air,
The rough skin,
The perfectly kept hair,
The age in your eyes,
The youth in your smile.
It’s not just your looks,
But your brains,
A sense of humor to kill,
A cunning and a will,
Life knowledge,
And countless skills.
You were the answer to my prayer,
Good looked down,
And placed you there,
Knowing I needed,
Someone to care,
When I felt I was going nowhere.

Perfect Gay Straight Man

How is it,
When the perfect man,
Enters your life,
He becomes a friend,
But can’t become more.
Perfect for me,
Doesn’t mean perfect for him,
Two opposite minds,
Creates opposite worlds,
And often ends in tears.
You were,
The perfect gay man,
Understanding, accepting and friendly,
But there was one snag,
You were straight.

You Were My Dream

There were nights I would sleep,
And wish I wouldn’t wake,
Seeing you with me,
Meant walking was a heartache.
Some people said I was silly,
But all I wanted was you with me,
I knew it wasn’t meant to be,
Just you with me, you see.
You made me fearless,
Happy to let go from it all,
You will never know,
How I feel when you call.
Life will never be the same,
Knowing you won’t love me,
The way I love you,
There will never be a me and you.